Buoyancy Force Training for Research and Development Quality of SLICKBAR Oil Skimmer

As a company that has always strived to be the leader in oil spill control technology, PT Slickbar Indonesia has always been keen on providing training to its staff in order to support the new technological capabilities. In this vein, on 19 February 2013 a training session was held by Mr. Puguh Triwinanto, a researcher with BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology), for the Research and Development Department. Mr Sunandar, Manager of Slickbar R&D, affirmed in his opening speech in Slickbar’s meeting room: “This training session aims to increase the knowledge of Slickbar’s R&D engineers for the calculation of buoyancy forces acting on skimmers and design of floaters. We hope that the training we organized in the future can become an asset four our engineers in order to new design and better skimmers”.

After Mr. Sunandar’s opening, Mr. Puguh took the lead and played videos of the testing of materials used in the contruction of the Tenggarong Bridge. “This is an intermezzo for tour course. I want to show you the tests done on the materials used for the Tenggarong Bridge that collapsed a while ago, just like this. I hope this video will inspire Slickbar Indonesia in being careful when manufacturing equipment”, said Mr. Puguh when beginning his lesson. This training was specifically aimed at R&D staff, but also Mr. Rojikin, Production Manager of Slickbar Indonesia, attended in order to gain more information on the manufacture of new and better skimmers.

27 February 2013