"Happy birthday Slickbar Indonesia, hopefully more mature and longevity ..." said Mr Soegito Management Representative PT. Slickbar Indonesia in his speech at the Birthday celebration of Slickbar Indonesia to-16 at the headquarters of PT. Slickbar Indonesia. Besides many other sayings of the board of directors and employees (01/13). Although Birthday of Slickbar Indonesia falls on December 12, 2012 and yet the celebration on January 14, 2013 this does not detract from the essence of the celebration event was held. This event was not only attended by all Directors and employees of PT. Slickbar Indonesia but also by Directors and Employees PT. OSCT Indonesia because, according to the President Director of PT. Slickbar Indonesia Mr. Bayu Satya , PT. OSCT Indonesia is also a part of the family Slickbar Indonesia.

Entering the age of 16, PT. Slickbar Indonesia has improved a lot and this is not a short time. And far too many awards have been won by Slickbar Indonesia. The most recent was Slickbar Indonesia into the top 10 best companies in the industrial area of Lippo Cikarang. This was revealed in a speech President Slickbar Indonesia Mr. Bayu Satya. Simultaneously, the celebration event was marked by a speech the President Director of PT. Slickbar Indonesia Mr. Bayu Satya, a speech from the Director PT. Slickbar Indonesia Mrs Sri Hermini , remarks from Representative Management PT. Slickbar Indonesia Mr. Soegito and do not forget Remarks of Director of PT. OSCT Indonesia Mr. Sunandar.

There are others in the event Slickbar anniversary this year as there are awards for the best employees are read directly by the Director of PT. Slickbar Indonesia. "This year we want to reward the best employees directly to a candidate even though the criteria for the best employees is not one hundred percent perfect is still a lot of things that included" Said Mrs. Sri Hermini Director of Slickbar Indonesia, because only a few criteria including working hours of employees in one year of work and discipline. Selection of the best employees is also not only given to employees Slickbar Indonesia, but also given to employees OSCT Indonesia. And the best is chosen as employee of the Production Mr. Jumarno Slickbar Indonesia and the second OSCT Mr Gunawan of Indonesia. For the future this will be the best employee selection criteria and wish to be added motivation for this achievement and thereby improve its performance expectations conveyed Mrs. Sri Hermini best employees in the reading selection. Once the election is not to forget the best employees no cone cuts procession led by Mr. Bayu Satya President Director of PT. Slickbar Indonesia.

The event was full of togetherness is also covered by the reading of prayers led by Mr. H. M Rojikin Production Manager PT. Slickbar Indonesia were followed by all the Board of Directors and employees OSCT Slickbar Indonesia and Indonesia. The event is also prayer walked solemnly in the hope of future Slickbar Indonesia growing and becoming the largest oil spill company in the world. (JS)

02 February 2013